Regina Y Evans
author of Nonnie And The Butterfly

Nonnie And The Butterfly is a collection of poetry and short stories. I wrote Nonnie And The Butterfly because, like many women, I felt as if I had something to "sing". Christ had placed a massive lyrical dream in my spirit and I believed that those note needed float around in the atmosphere. My heart yearned to encourage and inspire. I desired to create a mosaic of Christ letters that would have the effect of inspiring women to run ahead of the wind so that they could yank their destiny out of the sky.



Nonnie and the Butterfly represents my continued journey to the Center of Christ. Somewhere along my pathway, Jesus had become the most fascinating aspect of my existence. I was overtaken with His beauty and completely overwhelmed by His love. The heights and depths of His being shocked my senses and spirit into another sphere. However, much of my life had become an uncomfortable puzzle without edges. My being shifted into a wondrously frustrating zone called surrender. I was desperate to understand the highs and lows of my soul. I could think of no better way of expressing the amazing challenge called Jesus Christ than through the creative process of painting a written picture. Nonnie and the Butterfly seeks to reveal a portrait of the unlimited nature of Christ and the intense struggle undertaken in an effort to grasp His infinite love.



Regina lives in a fortified castle named Keilah with a little Yorkie named princess. Every once in a while she can be seen frolicking in the beautiful blue sky with the most gorgeous of butterflies, kingfishers, and hummingbirds.

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