50 Of The Best
Martin Offiah

During the summer of 2009 I collaborated with Martin Offiah to produce a book on rugby league. 50 Of The Best is Martin's personal selection of fifty of the greatest ever rugby league tries. Martin Offiah's 50 Of The Best thus marks my debut as a ghostwriter.

50 Of The Best describes 50 great rugby league scores. It features several of Martin Offiah's own greatest tries, but also includes many of the game's great names. Some 47 of the scores come from the last thirty years, with just three, Ken Hirst in 1968, Clive Sullivan in 1972 and Stuart Wright in 1979 falling outside this era. There are tries by Shaun Edwards, Ellery Hanley, Sean Long, Danny McGuire, Brian Carney, Wally Lewis, Gene Miles, Chris Joynt, Leon Pryce, Jamie Lyon, Henderson Gill, Mike Gregory, Jonathan Davies and others. Leeds, St Helens, Wigan, Bradford Northern, Wakefield Trinity and Widnes are all featured, alongside international sides such as Great Britain, England and Australia.

His absolute hunger and dedication to score tries was unparalleled. There is no-one in the sport more qualified to produce a book about some of its greatest scores. Shaun Edwards

Product Description
In "50 Of The Best", Martin Offiah presents his personal selection of fifty of rugby league's greatest ever tries. He relives a few of his own - the spectacular, the significant and the memorable! In this fascinating selection, he also celebrates the achievements of other great players, team-mates and foes alike. From David Topliss to Kyle Eastmond, Clive Sullivan to Wally Lewis, he features legends, rookies, a few lucky breaks and some great stories of the game's past and present. Martin Offiah analyses great tries through the prism of speed and strength, tactics and teamwork and individual stealth. For him, those are the skills that combine to make rugby league the fast, skilful and spectacular game he loves. Martin Offiah tells the stories behind these great moments, discusses how rugby league has developed and offers his vision for its future. 'I loved scoring tries. That's what I did. It was my thing and I was pretty good at it, 501 times good at it' - Martin Offiah.

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